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In 5kg LDPE poly bags, 20Kg Strong Cartoon box with 4 straps outside.
As per buyer required packing method

Fresh Top grade beef trimming meat & frozen beef carcass by parts

cuts of beef in blocks trimmed, single-grade, deep freezing.
We offer:

Top Grade Trimming Beef with a minimum content of fat and veins
Beef Trimming 90/10 with 90% meat content
Beef Trimming 80/20 with 80% meat content

Beef, pork, fat, cheese, salt, spices.
Produced in:
Pack type:
Vacuum Packed/ Cloth Bag/ Carton Box
Shelf life:
Up to 12 month at t -18C /FROZEN

Processed Frozen Beef Meat

Silver Side, Thick Flank, Top Side, Rump Steak, Shin Shank; Trimmings, Fore Quarter Rolls, Thick Flank, Knuckle, Rump Steak, Strip Loin, Thick Flank, Blade, Brisket
Chuck; Neck; Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Tail, Cheek Meat, Omasum
Hind Quarter Cuts (Topside, Silver-side, Knuckle and Rump-steak), Fore Quarter, Chuck Tender, Cubes, Slices, Trimming, Cube Roll, Tenderloin.

Processed Frozen Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Tongue, Buffalo Reticulum, Buffalo Salted Omasum, Buffalo Aorta, Buffalo Diaphragm, Buffalo Rumen, Buffalo Neck, Buffalo Intestine, Buffalo Nail Meat, Buffalo Rectum, Buffalo Spinal Cord, Buffalo Pancreas, Buffalo Testicles, Buffalo Hock Tendon, Buffalo FQ.

Beef Meat Bull 90+ – Beef Meat (Cut in four, without tenderloin)
Beef Meat Cow 85+ – Beef Meat (Cut in four, without tenderloin)
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Thick Flank
Beef Sirloin Butt
Beef Top Side
Beef Silverside
Beef Shoulder
Beef Cube Roll & Sealion
Beef Neck
+ Any Combinations at your request