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Cakes & Pastries

39x48x9 (cm) cardboard boxes
As per client’s request.

Pound cake Almond
Flavorful roasted almonds are sliced and sprinkled on the surface of the cake, making it fragrant and fluffy. Almonds are rich IN dietary fiber, vitamin E, and other
Pound cake Cream cheese
After baking, a lot of cream cheese, which goes well with pound cake products, is mixed into the batter to make it fluffy and flavorful. It is especially recommended for cheese lovers. This cake has a moist texture.
Pound cake Matcha Azuki beans
This is a product with a “Japanese flavor”. The dough is made with a lot of matcha (powdered green tea) from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, and topped with red beans and natto (fermented soybeans), which are made by cooking domestic red beans and slowly soaking them in molasses.
Pound cake Plain
It tastes just like pound cake itself, but is made moist, fluffy, and flavorful by the baker. It is a basic product, but it is a gem of a pastry chef. It has been made into a product that everyone is familiar with. It is also a perfect product for adding toppings and arranging it the way you like it.
Pound cake Coffee flavor
The coffee beans are carefully roasted and mixed into the dough, filling your mouth with the unique deep taste and aroma of drip coffee.
Pound cake Banana flavor
Ripe bananas are abundantly mixed into the batter. It is baked to retain the unique taste and aroma of bananas. It boasts a soft and fluffy texture.
Pound cake chestnut flavor
Carefully selected chestnuts cooked to sweetness are cut into small pieces and mixed into the batter to make it easy to eat and improve the texture, and then baked moistly. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the chestnuts and the excellent pound cake.
Pound cake fruit mix
Five kinds of dried fruits (orange peel, raisin, cherry, lemon peel, and pineapple) are cut into easy to eat pieces and mixed into the dough, which is then baked moistly. The refreshing taste spreads in your mouth.
Pound cake Chocolate flavor
The synergistic effect of cocoa powder and chocolate chips leaves a rich chocolate flavor.